Shanghai Longfeng operation optimization how to make quick site on the front page!

good ranking is the weight of relatively high site, if we want to be in the top three, the ranking should be how to operate? Good website, his pages ranking is also very good, so why the inside pages of their ranking so well? There is no analysis? This is because the ranking before the website weight is very high, Shanghai will use the same love page ranking to the inside pages of these sites with high weights, if want to go beyond these sites, you need a more detailed analysis of user needs, the frequency of data comparison of key words.

today I would say we are more concerned about the problem. We can enter the website how to love Shanghai? We often talked about the Shanghai dragon is through our own website optimization, in order to make the website has a good ranking in the search engine, I believe a lot of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners very headache, because there is no clue to do, and the effect of every day outside the chain of soft Wen wrote worse, but can not find a way out. Never mind, there will be way out of desperation, it is said that the dense willow trees and bright flowers.

a website ranking, largely lies in our data on its own web site if there is a clear understanding. What the user search keywords into the site, which is a large number of search keywords, which keyword search, we have to do data analysis, do basic preparation for future fine-tuning. We are in the words of the site, so we should learn to analyze the needs of industry users.


if your site in a hundred, you do, web based optimization of page, navigation, homepage, forum and so on to do the most basic, the most suitable for spiders crawl. If in the first twenty pages, focusing on user experience, your keywords ranking in the second page, how to enter the home page, so how can users find these is we should learn to analyze the. If not analysis, our ranking will certainly go up. You try to observe the same industry ranked in the first site, they are the key words how to do, if the distribution of keywords is also very important.

1. website data analysis

How to

when we want to enter the site before 20, we must first understand the love sea top 20 websites in the key words do what it looks like. After entering the top 20, we will get a ranking mechanism more, love Shanghai has nearly three hundred kinds of algorithms, click on the influence principle, also have the user’s choice, there will be an elimination mechanism, PV level, Shanghai will put love in front of which website. The longer residence time, browse pages and so on.

we Shanghai dragon Er responsibilities is to improve website ranking, increase website traffic, finally achieve the enterprise visibility and improve profit or self media marketing purposes. In order to solve the website ranking in the Shanghai home of love this problem, we need to understand the need to do the daily work which, today to talk about the specific.

2. users to vote the same decision website ranking

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