Examples of how to attract the spider to visit the new snapshot not update after

they all know that, if the new stop included snapshot, stop, probably entered the key period of observation of love Shanghai, if you continue in this way optimization, is likely to lead to snapshot or website by K, for the latter part of website optimization of influence. Although some owners believe that this is the love of the Shanghai observer, as long as unremittingly work will be normal, but if we don’t think about their own problems, it may lead to prolonged period even to Wikipedia leave a bad impression. For this reason, the dragon shaped through analysis and depth of the updated snapshot, in addition to another web site content and before the company has to repeat that lead to love Shanghai homogenization, and then reduce the page crawl, and the chain construction is an important reason for the low quality and no regular website. The domain query domain, the construction site outside the chain of irregular growth, and the content is too simple and concentrated in several sites in Shanghai this year, love strict attention to review the chain, the chain construction method is not conducive to optimizing selection.

dragon through the Internet to find a few new sites, and through the study of the optimization method, combined with the secret of webmasters to share new snapshot update after that, the new station is their not updated snapshot is largely the construction quality of the chain is too low, can not be a good guide to lead spider snapshot stop. Therefore, to update the website snapshot to the construction of some of the high quality of the chain, the webmaster all know the real high quality of the chain in addition to relevance, authoritative and high user activity, the most important is the user really recommend, the construction of the chain method nowadays is the webmaster to the active large construction sites, to really recommend is a little contrived. Love so clearly pointed out in the Shanghai Lee chain construction principle, dragon thought, for the new station outside the chain of high quality construction is undoubtedly the soft submission.

we all know whether in the authoritative soft article submissions or recommendations are consistent with the true love of Shanghai, and submitted to the soft after the success will have many platforms reproduced, some platforms will retain the original link address, bring a large number of links to sites of intangible, and are consistent with the true recommended >

is engaged in website optimization all know, it is need extra care for new sites, although the major search engines to give special care to the webmaster if that careless often caused by hidden danger to the late work. The last dragon shared his a new line on the day to get the love of Shanghai included rankings, due to busy with other things without careful attention to this website, that has been recognized as long as love Shanghai follow-up update articles, do the chain like you should forget about. It is wrong in overconfidence, in the absence of the person responsible for the website, both become content creation or the chain construction, no law, no strict quality audit, the website snapshot is stay at number 4.18, the content is no longer included, such as:

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