Text chain transfer page weight study time

In fact,

is a chain of time something recently discovered in Shanghai Longfeng practice optimization, the rankings are not a small role. This I said the chain mainly refers to the chain in the form of text.

say this time. Many owners may find a new job from the content to the link to at least 2-3 months to get a better page ranking. Maybe this time you do a lot of work outside the chain to do some Links and anchor text links, then ranking up, you think this is right. So keep on doing so, but then you can do more and less local links, so there is a bottleneck in the development of the website. I do not deny this method, because this method can indeed improve the ranking. This method is used and the chain also tell the search engine in this station is what you. The search engine must not be ignored but iq. In fact, a description of many times a word, the search can determine that you describe the meaning of this time plus a URL search actually understood you are saying this. So this invisible and gives you lots of links in place. (many do not allow you to do anchor text or hyperlinks) but now find a drawback in text links is to transfer the weight or is ranked relatively slow. I have this problem a lot of station. For example, a new station just to do, this station is the title of QQ speed pet name, the station also Wai >

do not know if you have not found the chain text actually in Shanghai Longfeng rankings have become increasingly prominent. In fact, the chain text is a form of the chain is very natural, but many people misunderstand the optimization. Why text chain is natural? For example, you stand in a position to consider the ordinary users, he felt that your website is good, recommend to your web site, he will use the anchor text to help you propaganda in this description? Or a pure text web site to help you propaganda? Of course the answer is the latter. We don’t want the ordinary users too clever! I don’t know the estimated 90% net anchor text, nor to text hyperlinks, one is in trouble, they do not want to go to the two is the hyperlink symbol. This is for you, so that the text link is natural link has been the growth situation, more in line with today’s user experience. The search engine does not despise this link. The text outside the chain I first discovered is effective in 2008, then remember to do the Firefox browser extension is to be a temptation to cheat in the video and then want to see the video with a temptation. Guide my promotion Firefox download page (see mm video to the Firefox browser support) but not in the form of a hyperlink, do guide, afraid of GG traced to come over, GG does not allow the temptation of promotion, so that when used in the form of text links that users copy the URL into your browser to do guidance, but later found that the site is in love with the sea oriented collection, it was realized in the form of text links can also be a good search found. But the understanding is only included.

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