Shanghai dragon Er query four methods YAHOO chain must know

noble baby administrator tools personal feeling of the chain is full, can display links pointing to your site all domain.

second, through the YAHOO search engine query


third, the noble baby Webmaster Tools query

fourth, the chase WordNet new query

disadvantages: did not show the specific chain into the site, showing only the top-level domain name.

webmaster website basically provide backlinks query, such as webmaster helper, webmaster tools are quite good. Choose the chain query can jump to 贵族宝贝贵族宝贝/, you can directly enter your web site, you can know the number of the YAHOO chain.


Shanghai dragon knows that content is king, the chain for the king. Today, the tip of the iceberg and talk about the chain query, the chain here mainly refers to the YAHOO chain.

WordNet YAHOO anti chain analysis has a new link query function, can display a query to the query during the new link. Good personal feeling, the effect of the chain can be used as reference.

The results show: the shortcomings of

less, included in the advertising links faster, blog and forum signature effect.

disadvantages: only display 1000, and can not be the same link to domain name.

through the YAHOO search engine link command inquiries, such as link:贵族宝贝admin5贵族宝贝. This is just the query results with Adsense website is not consistent. In the case of relatively large deviation, is based on my personal Adsense website result for reference.

first, through the webmaster website

above four is personally I often use the YAHOO chain query mode, each has advantages and disadvantages, mutual reference. In general, the YAHOO chain compared to the anchor text, to Links, site navigation, BBS signature, soft publication.

query results and normal and not normal.

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