Love Shanghai also broke out in supernatural events, seeking certification

: the space-time transformation made a local real estate website in October 11, named "591 Dezhou real estate network", do content maintenance was to do every day, while Shanghai Longfeng, soon appeared, website snapshot situation, daily record is very gratifying, as the content included normally, I also began to do some outside the chain, inside and outside the onslaught, love Shanghai began to give me a smile. Rank one surfaced, many words are to the home front, the situation is very gratifying.

began to talk about the supernatural events. At noon today, I try to search your site name found a very strange thing, really surprised, do Shanghai dragon is not what time the old man, but there are also some time, before many stations are experienced such situation, this is what

again another station. Another station is now ranked first in the Shanghai love color plate station, this station is a station in the 11 years of the end of October to do it now, for some time, but I find this station to make trouble. First, what is not included, finally included, snapshots are so slow, can not keep up, let me change the chain will not change, only to find the resource station smashed, no way ah. Fortunately, as the author has been under unremittingly efforts, the author of the website ranking and the rapid increase, slowly in the 12 year of January love Shanghai love Shanghai update, released most of my keyword ranking.


said that this matter should be so far, but today at noon, I found that when I search the website name "591 Dezhou real estate network" found my color plate enterprise went to the first station to. This is very strange.

may have some friends doubt content or chain I have problems, I would say, two stations outside the chain are not together, but the place is not the same as the other two stations entirely no correlation, how can this be well, two stations are used independent of the IP space on the server from the dry, some people will probably ask questions, perhaps is the two station with "Dezhou", because the word association, well, then I >

Hello, I am a snow leopard. Do some Shanghai dragon and exchange, I believe that I have some understanding of it, not much gossip said, recently, I have been concerned about the love in the heart of Shanghai, because of the recent love Shanghai really unstable ah, since Baidu appeared, love Shanghai without a stable one day, this let us do the webmaster heart in their mouths, this big new year, day really bad ah, this is not, at noon today, I found a strange event, asked a lot of people do not know what the situation is, the more people to return to his RP, I fainted, I am really there are so good, even the hit my head.


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