Optimization techniques, single page website ranking is no longer difficult to do 5

I think: single page set properly, and high quality of the chain, the website rankings >

because there are some disadvantages of single page website, only one page, so I will not consider too difficult words, little competition I will try to do a few.

content design Because the

1. for the single page itself is not what the title above the words once is enough, when writing the title of the note, which do not have the same key words, this is repeated. Keywords: if I choose the "stainless steel ball valve, stainless steel valves, stainless steel valves, stainless steel valve", there are stainless steel is repeated, the title will not write up all stainless steel can be written as "stainless steel ball valve, globe valve, butterfly valve, gate valve" etc..

two, the title and keywords layout

, a selection of key words

believes that the general single page web site is to make the product, or some web site, so will your product page in a prominent, let visitors see the first time your AD will make you faster turnover.


2. single page content less keywords several times, there may be accumulation phenomenon. So appropriate to add keywords, don’t let it have the phenomenon of the accumulation in the web page, density control in 2% is enough.

five, focused


when Taobao is popular guest single page website most, as long as there is Shanghai dragon webmaster do optimization skills Taobao guest single page website. But since then love Shanghai hit Taobao guest website, there are a lot of lead single page site does not exist. But now there are a lot of network above the site is a single page form, and ranking is good.

said the single page, you can make your products and the perfect combination of content, because only a single page, so you need to show all the products on a page, if your product is much, can be appropriately divided the same type, so you can save the accumulation of the same text, avoid let love Shanghai think you over optimized.

I think there are some difficulties related to a single page optimization, keywords accumulation, easy to cause excessive optimization. But the keyword density, reasonable arrangement, or can do optimization. Here I will do a single page to share the experience for everyone:

label application


mentioned above, a single page content is less, the keyword appears inside the page is not too much, so much, don’t use labels such as Strong and H1 tag, select a tag is enough, do not choose to use two, in fact, roughly similar, is the master outstanding search engine the importance of your keywords.

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