The optimization of the ecological chain or the content is so constructed

content quality not only won the search engine, search engine, keywords ranking rose to the ideal position, quality content is more important. Many people think that the website optimization purpose is to make up the ranking, this view not only narrow and ignore the essence of search engine marketing. Keywords ranking is only a means, the real key is to win the trust of users. Imagine, even the very front rank, in the choice of products and services, how many will only choose a service provider? It is to hold the goods more than three do not suffer the mentality, to choose. The exquisite design, high quality content is to win a good first impression.

No matter how to focus on writing

is not only a search engine, who does not love quality content? What is the purpose of the construction site, for the enterprise, enhance the image or electronic commerce directly or website construction purpose is to assist sales effectively. Sales into the end, whether it is to convey the image or the products and services provided, users can win win everything. In the search engine application is becoming more and more popular today, the search engine will undoubtedly win win opportunities. Therefore, the search engine is a very fruitful means to enhance the user experience, while the original quality content, is an important way to win the favor of the search engine.

content is king is mentioned, the importance of multi angle interpretation also makes us deeply aware of the content. Indeed, whether starting from the search engine, or transfer from the website and user experience value perspective, quality content is indispensable. The content is always the eternal topic, we at news again the purpose is not to say, but the ecological chain construction and optimization of the construction site, the same content, the same need highly original quality content. Although the original content is only a part of the website optimization, but it is the object of the optimization process, and as long as the original high quality content, the chances of success are larger. In nature, a complete ecological chain maturity will be very beneficial to organisms thrive, site optimization is the same. Now, from the beginning of the construction of website, we interpret how to build ecological chain optimization one by one.

In fact, Effect of

two, with a soft construction outside the chain of both the brand marketing of

I do not know how many webmaster

, website construction and website optimization webmaster, there should be some not original. Because it is a kind of ability, like politics, few can not fawn on the same glib. Have long asserted that "the original webmaster can succeed more easily," not only the site itself to the quality of the original content, and the site link building if the original, would undoubtedly be the icing on the cake. Similar to the A5/CHINAZ/DONEWS and other excellent Webmaster Platform, gave us a communication value, construction links and brand reputation the perfect carrier for promotion, but this is the need for high-quality original, even if you are to write some soft Wen art. >

, a search engine to win the favor of high-quality original

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