Interpretation determine what page is the baby of noble quality

panda algorithm:

1, according to the optimization of


noble baby Panda is the main basis to judge the click stream (Clickstream), the content of the page (page content) and links (link profiles), as long as the situation in the three of them are excellent, will not be listed as superficial website. Through analysis, the currently applicable level noble baby Panda for web level, and not down to the level of keywords. At the same time, a large number of low quality page will affect the entire site in the invisible. So we can see Google for authority, the content of the site of the original, the user’s trust in these three points is very seriously, we can use these to optimize the construction of blog.

byte limit that has been confirmed in other countries, they can’t think of an article is less than 200 bytes bytes, otherwise the nobility baby might think that you are cheating, thus limiting its ranking. If converted Chinese words is about 50-100. (collected works > and pocket

and pocket blog is original, so in the collection of noble baby has been very ideal, now basically can publish an article within three hours by the nobility included baby. But the animal husbandry pocket a little slack in November last year during that time, for writing the passion is unlike the beginning as strong, blog has no fixed time not to say, the original is no longer as a sudden, often from someone over there copy several articles to slightly modify your blog, the original degree plummeted, resulting in the result is not long in the Google blog included and ranking of sharp shocks, up and down, which is not high flow directly into the daily number. At that time I was really scared, when it is still not clear why, to search solutions in the search engine, to see a lot of information, finally know the reason and solution.

as a new station, we at Google, there is no access to the trust, so we must understand the quality evaluation standard of "Google, according to these standards according to their actual situation to optimize the blog content creation. A search for relevant articles experience let me understand that Google has an algorithm called Panda algorithm (noble baby Panda) (official introduction: on the construction of high-quality website, more guidance) this is one of the 2011 Google released the algorithm, based on the study of algorithm I found out the reason and solution of the blog included.

in order to make our blog long-term ranking does not fall down, we need as much as possible to become a news source. This is a very important factor, because once you become a source of the news industry, then you stand naturally will be regarded as a noble baby authority site. About the content of the page, I have the following suggestions:

This is a

is the key element to improve the page rank:

Most of the articles in

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